Seven Benefits Of Massage For Office Workers

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Working nine to five, but feel like it’s taking over your life – and your mind?

A soothing massage could be the first step to regaining your life – and your sanity – and to help you leave the office behind you, when you clock off.


Because massage helps to address problems in the neck and shoulders, you are also helping with your posture.

Probably you don’t realise it, but you are slouching. And this in its turn is having a negative impact on how stressed your body is feeling.

Poor posture is frequently the cause of neck ache and back problems.

This is especially the case for anyone who sits down all day at a computer screen.


Probably already foremost in your reasons for visiting a massage therapist, stress reduction is one of the best effects of the treatment.

Whereas office work is hardly the coalface, it can still be highly stressful – phones ringing, deadlines approaching and a boss who may also be feeling the strain.

Going for a massage can help smooth away those nasty, tense feelings and boost relaxation hormones. These beneficial effects carry on working even after you have left the treatment rooms and stay with you, whatever the day has to throw at you!

The start to any stressful situation is always improved by booking a massage beforehand!


Offices can be unhealthy places, especially when you work with a bunch of colleagues who like nothing better than to cough all over you and seem allergic to opening a window.

Going for a massage can actually help to give your immune system a much needed boost. This is down to the lessening in stress hormones that you will get from the treatment.

By improving circulation and helping to boost your lymphatic drainage system, says it also helps to get everything firing on all cylinders again.


It is easy to feel overwhelmed and your alertness dulled, in the office environment.

Just the simple act of relaxation can help to re focus your mind and sharpen your mental skills.

Similar to the feeling of refreshment after a good night’s sleep, a relaxing massage can help to retune your brain for the better.


Office work does nothing to help your skin. Drying air conditioning systems and enforced sitting down all day, add up to pale and pasty complexions.

And whilst not a beauty treatment in itself, a good massage will boost your circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. Both of these are the basis of most facial beauty treatments.

Essentially, a massage is a facial for your whole body – albeit with even more benefits thrown in.

Going for a massage can help to improve your skin tone dramatically – good news for ‘pale and interesting’ office workers!


Office work does not help much with anxiety. The noise and stress, not to mention the unpleasant lighting are not good for the human body or mind.

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, a massage is just one in a range of treatments which might help.

The simple act of human touch has been proven to help anxiety and depression. However, if you are severely depressed you should always consult your doctor about your condition.




Staring at a computer screen all day does nothing to combat insomnia.

It has been proven that working with computer screens and looking at phone screens hinders natural sleep.

Scheduling a massage for the end of the working day is a great way to unwind and help your chances of getting a great night’s sleep!